MOCA can provide a clearly identifiable effective strategy and plan for your future business.

Analysis of your organisation’s goals and objectives will enable you to implement a smooth workflow process and set priorities and procedures to gain competitive advantage within your market.

We will review your internal processes and current goals; undertake market research through a process of direct and indirect discussions and surveys with your clients and competitors; and obtain quantifiable data for in depth analysis.  MOCA will provide a comprehensive report of our results with measurable strategic objectives for you to review and undertake.   Whatever your needs from reviewing your whole company strategy to focusing on specific work processes we can tailor our consultancy package to your requirements.

We provide support and advice throughout the review, analysis and roll out process with follow up to ensure your strategic objectives and goals are met.

MOCA can identify and heighten your growth potential

With in-depth industry knowledge and an extensive network of contacts across the media industry within the audio visual, visual arts and cultural heritage, MOCA’s consultants will work to extend your brand exposure and open up new distribution platforms through a combination of evaluation, strategy and proactive management focusing on such areas as:

· Research & Development
· Identify and Capture Growth Potential
· Marketing and Production
· Product and Brand development
· Acquisitions and Distribution
· Review and analyse your customer needs
· CRM (Customer relationship management) tools / database

· Sales circles / pipelines
· Tenders and Proposal writing
· Social Media Activities
· Business Models and Plans
· Staff development and training
· Sales team structure
· Full P&L and budget planning
· Review and manage internal and external resources

As part of the process we will assess your data and the relevant market conditions and analyse the successes and losses within your business, develop new revenue streams and will work to increase your profitably and market share.

MOCA will promote your brand

With many years in the industry our consultants have built up wide-ranging connections and established themselves firmly in the visual content industry. With their knowledge and contacts MOCA will represent your company at trade fairs and conferences and develop your distribution network.   MOCA attended CEPIC in Zagreb and represented Ryan Rossotto of Stocktrek Images (USA).  He said:

“I couldn’t have asked for two more experienced and knowledgeable women to represent my company, Stocktrek Images, at the annual CEPIC event. Andrea & Mary make a dominant team, complimenting each other very well in working together to raise brand awareness for Stocktrek Images.  Combined, with their immense involvement in the picture licensing industry and established relationships with many of the principal contacts, they have brought awareness to the Stocktrek brand on a global scale. They worked around the clock learning about Stocktrek Images, researching potential distributors that would fit our company well, and contacting delegates to secure meetings… I may have been thousands of miles away across the Atlantic Ocean, but I can assure you they made me feel as though I was right alongside them the entire time!… I didn’t just come out of this with potential new business and clients.” For the full comment…

Whatever your needs from reviewing your whole company strategy to focusing on specific work processes we can tailor our consultancy to your requirements.

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