If you are a creator, cultural heritage institution, independent museum or private archive seeking to make the most of your IP assets, welcome to our brand licensing page. You are in safe hands.

What is Brand Licensing?

Brand Licensing is a way to monetize your brand IP with minimal cost and – if managed professionally – limited risk. It is much more than licensing content.

Brand licensing done well starts with a brand strategy;  think of it as a reflective process of your value(s) and an exploration of where it is you want to go. Understanding your value will shape how you communicate and connect your value with others; this we call leveraging your IP.

Benefits of brand licensing

1. Generate revenue
2. Meet the right brand partner
3. Align with the right products, services and market positioning
4. Attract funding, capital, or a buyer for your company
5. Move into a new territory – this could be overseas, a move into a new market sector or segment
6. Save costs, for example raising your profile

So if this list includes some of the things you want and need to achieve, lets start the journey with an informal discussion. If we think we have chemistry, we will ask you to take a short survey and offer some possible service options on how we might work together. We only take on a limit number of contracts per year, to ensure you get the best service.

How much does it cost?

We work on a case by case basis, within a budget to help realise the essential steps with or for you.

For more information contact Linda on 0208 374 1033 or email linda.royles@me.com