The MOCA – Ministry of Copyright, Cultural and Creators’ Assets is a leading international consultancy specialising within the media industry.

Our consultants’ expertise lies in supporting the media industry and cultural heritage sector through workshops (copyright training), business development, archive evaluation, copyright legislation and bringing technology and automated solutions to support creative industry needs.  We offer a range of services and advise on strategic policy, workflow practices, challenges and obstacles to help deliver successful revenue opportunities and increase brand exposure for your work.

We have extensive cross-sector knowledge and wide-ranging connections with policy and decision makers in industry and government, in education, cultural institutions and the media keeping us informed and up-to-date with industry changes and innovations.

  • content management
  • copyright training
  • rights management
  • archive review – business development
  • evolving business models
  • acquisitions, sales, investment
  • marketing
  • specialised events
  • copyright policy and legislation
  • protection of metadata
Sample Client Base:
  • Commercial archives : images ∙ footage ∙ publishing
  • Cultural institutions: licensing for commercial ∙ non-commercial use ∙ international distribution
  • Educational institutions: asset management ∙ rights auditing ∙ licensing ∙ copyright training
  • Individual creators: valuations ∙ marketing ∙ sales ∙ brand development ∙ international distribution
  • Publishers & broadcasters: pricing ∙ rights clearance ∙ sales of collections
  • Government bodies: policy ∙ asset management ∙ pricing ∙ rights clearance ∙ sale of archives

MOCA is excellently positioned to present your particular insight and perspective enabling you to make better decisions on how you run your licensing operation.

For help realising the value of or managing your IP assets, or to talk about your ideas contact us at


Ryan Rossotto, Stocktrek, USA
Guy Baxter, MERL, University of Reading, UK
Anne Brunner-Ellis, OUI, Oxford, UK
Kevin Gosling, Collections Trust
Caroline Boyd, Copyright Hub
Sylvie Fodor, CEPIC
Cathy Aron, DMLA