We love New York!


 DMLA 20th Annual International Conference

25-27 October 2015
Hyatt Regency, Jersey City

The best view of New York was from Jersey City’s Hyatt Regency Hotel and in the company of your media industry colleagues at this year’s Conference.

The DMLA conference through a series of educational panels, presentations and workshops provided insights on the latest innovation, legal issues and pivotal information to delegates to keep them up-to-date in our ever-evolving industry.

Discussions include:

  • Buyers Panel, The Death of Stock: Brought together buyers, tech companies and influencers who discussed how in their search for authenticity, buyers are leaving stock photo agencies to find images in the vast UGC world.
  • The Future of Video Licensing: A panel of video suppliers and video customers discussed how they are using video today, the trends in the marketplace, learning curves of adopting stock video and mobile adoption.
  • The Mobile Revolution: Mobile technologies are enhancing the way media sellers are approaching their selling experience and streamlining/promoting image submissions to mobile users. Leading industry colleagues from 500.px, Alamy (Stockimo), Diomedia Historica and Despositphoto-Claoshot all shared their experiences.
  • The Business of “Free”: Free stock photo websites are gaining huge popularity. This panel, composed of the founders and CEO’s of leading platforms, MorgueFile, Freepix and CineStock, explained the reason for their traction, their business models and whether they felt the business model is a threat to the stock photo licensing world.
  • The Elusive Right of Display: Is Framing Eclipsing Licensing? Legal experts Nancy Wolff and Marisol Muñiz (age footstock) gave an exceptional overview on the latest information and legal situation around the use of thumbnails as part of image search, Framing, Embedding and Hyperlinking.
  • The Fireside Chat: Twenty years into the digital revolution but still we are only beginning to understand what new technologies are doing for photography. This year’s DMLA fireside chat examined several different meanings of “real photography”, all fuelled by the white heat of technology: user generated content, computational imagery, deep data, automated tagging, all in the search of real value for tomorrow’s image users.

Elena Flanagan-Eister (Clashot) stated in The Mobile Revolution session “Anything I see in my phone exists in my life” a massage that typified the conference and our lifestyle today.

MOCA was delighted to support the DMLA conference and meet with our media colleagues and friends.



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