MOCA will review your visual content and online presence, analyse the commercial potential of your collection, and look at your workflow processes, priorities and procedures to help you gain a competitive advantage within your market.  For more…


MOCA offers copyright workshops to provide a basic framework, specific areas of copyright legislation or advice for the IP strategy and policy of your company or institution.

MOCA has hosted and supported specialist events which include technical innovation, new copyright legislation and cultural heritage responses to change.  For more…


MOCA provides a strategic analysis of your collection or archive for the purposes of business development, sale or purchase.  Our expert visual content consultants have wide-ranging industry contacts both in the UK and overseas for distribution options, potential buyers and marketing opportunities.  For more details please check out our business development page.

The MOCA – Ministry of Copyright, Cultural and Creators’ Assets is a leading international consultancy specialising within the media industry. Our expertise lies in copyright legislation, archive evaluation, the cultural heritage sector and bringing technology and automated solutions to support the creative industry’s needs.  We offer a range of services and advise on strategic policy, workflow practices, challenges and obstacles to help deliver successful sales opportunities and increase brand exposure for your work.

Why not get in touch with us even if you aren’t sure what help you need? We are here to talk through the issues and work out a plan to build a successful business together with you and realise the value, management and protection of your IP assets.  Find out more…